ABA Journal and New York Times have already written about it. Lisa Solomon and Robert Ambrogi have seen it also. On Feb. 1st Westlaw unveils it’s new product WestlawNext to the world at LegalTech.

Yesterday they met with a group of legal information professionals to talk about the product and it’s creation. I was lucky enough to snag an invite to the meeting. Disclosure: they paid our way out there and put us up for the trip.

Soon I will post some (hopefully) cohesive thoughts about it, including some discussion of the meeting itself, but in the meantime…

After the meeting Tom Boone, Greg Lambert of 3 Geeks and a Law Blog, Jason Wilson and I sat down at the Minneapolis airport and talked about our thoughts about the product and the meeting. I videotaped it.

The video includes discussions of features, potential price considerations, and other issues raised by the new product.  So please enjoy, the video runs about 40 minutes long.

Discussion of WestlawNext from Jason Eiseman on Vimeo.

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What’s your bottom line verdict, Jason?

January 27, 2010 2:05 pm

Burger King must be so proud to host and sponsor this event :)

Great post, guys!

January 27, 2010 3:45 pm

Thanks for sharing this video, Jason. It seems that new WestlawNext will be getting similar responses with IntelliConnect although the new fee structure seems to get better.

January 27, 2010 4:10 pm

Great job, guys! Many thanks for this!

January 27, 2010 4:12 pm

Thanks for posting this. I had been curious and nice to hear your thoughts.

January 27, 2010 6:53 pm

Great discussion. Thanks for posting!

January 29, 2010 10:30 am

Enjoyed the post.

January 29, 2010 10:30 pm

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