I created a word cloud from the tweets marked with the #aall2009 hashtag. There were over 1250 so some editing was in order. The word cloud appears below, click on the image to see the full size at http://wordle.net where it was created.

Wordle: AALL2009

So I did this by using the Twitter API to download all 1250+ tweets. Then used some PHP code to extract the text of the tweets. I removed some stop words, and some usernames like @jeiseman and so forth.

You’ll notice I left @conniecrosby and @zittrain. The reason being that those tweets had more to do with content of the conference as opposed to messaging back and forth. Thus this is more of an editorial project than a scientific one.

Anyway, with some tweaking I entered the text into http://wordle.net and tweaked some more untill we got a nice style.

I also did the same for aallsecrets tweets.

Wordle: AALL Secrets

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Why don’t I see “snorer” in this word cloud? :-)

July 31, 2009 1:43 pm

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