The “Mean Girls” award is not a reference to actual mean girls, but rather the movie Mean Girls. This award is for the event I wasn’t looking forward to going in, but attended based on recommendations, and ended up enjoying.

Winner: CONELL Speed Networking

I’ve been working in law libraries for over four years now, but this was my first AALL conference so my boss and I decided that I should attend the Conference of Newer Law Librarians (CONELL). I was actually looking forward to the CONELL program generally until I found out about the Speed Networking (kind of like speed dating, but profession oriented). I don’t mind events where networking is expected, but I don’t usually like when networking is an assigned task.

But the speed networking event was enjoyable. I think maybe the novelty of it was what made it enjoyable. I also enjoyed the Fist Timers & Fellows connect event at SLA, possibly because they made the networking event a more interesting game rather than a straightforward story swap. Whatever the cause, the speed networking event was well done and well worth the effort.

The whole CONELL program in fact was enjoyable from the dine around to the end. By the end of lunch I was sorry I would not be able to attend the tour with the other attendees, even though I’ve been to the Columbia Gorge many times. I would definitely recommend CONELL to newer law librarians and conference first timers. Kudos to the CONELL planners.

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I dreaded the thought of the Speed Networking event at CONELL because I’m naturally quite shy but ended up really enjoying it. I think it was great way to connect with other newer librarians, and made it easier to find someone to chat with for the rest of the conference.

July 18, 2008 9:21 am

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