Am I a top 25 librarian blogger? According to a post at the Online Education Database, I am. Although I will pat myself on the back for some nice numbers, the overall methodology is highly skewed.

First, there are some errors. My Google PageRank was fairly, weak, but not as weak as the 2 (out of 10) attributed to LibraryMan. But when I looked a little further into his PageRank, it should have been a 6, boosting him by a solid 4 points. It makes you wonder about other errors which might have been made.

Of course there are other problems. For example, Steven at Library Stuff says that he can’t even get his blog on Technorati. Meredith at Information Wants to Be Free isn’t listed on DMOZ (a prerequisite).  For some reason, the list also seems very heavy with law librarians, and there are some other notables missing, like Tame the Web.

So, it might be more accurate to say that I am among the top 25 library bloggers who has managed to get their blog listed and ranked in all the right places. And that’s probably something to be proud of anyway.

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Bless vanity feeds and bless you for doing the research for me. Wondered what that 2 was about. I totally agree about:

Steven at Library Stuff, Meredith at Information Wants to Be Free, and Tame the Web. Others too are missing. You know though, Walt Crawford did a big ole’ list of library blogs according to use and I didn’t show up in his list while the above did. No big thing, but it does highlight while librarians are so important. We can pull in multiple lists like this and people can make their own call once they are more informed. :)

September 5, 2007 2:16 pm

Well, when I did the 2005 list, it wasn’t a “big ole’ list,” it was a fairly small list culled from a big number of candidates. LibraryMan came in just below the cutoff based on the metric I was using at the time. The spreadsheet’s right here.

In 2006, I looked at “the great middle”–and LibraryMan was too popular to qualify. Admittedly different (and simpler) metric.

I have a current metric for “visibility,” and may discuss it on my blog soon. It’s different and simpler than OEDb, but probably equally pointless as a truly objective measure. (Sigh. If Yahoo! hadn’t screwed up their presentation of link: results, I’d tweak the 2006 metric…)

To my mind, the biggest problem with the OEDb list (and, hey, I should praise it to the skies–I’m #8, which is a whole lot higher than I’d be on any other list) is the set of criteria for candidates–it leaves out too many important blogs, including those Michael mentions and quite a few others. As Jessamyn says, “DMOZ?” In 2007? Really?

September 6, 2007 10:31 am

I think that maybe there’s a benefit because it shined a light on some of us bloggers who are “C” listers, as Steve Matthews said.

And any discussion of how to rank bloggers, even if these methods are flawed, subjective, or otherwise lacking, is a good thing.

September 6, 2007 10:42 am

Jason, as the blogger right behind you that managed to squeak in at number 25, I too am surprised others aren’t on the list. I usually don’t end up this high on these type of lists. As a medical librarian I have always kind of thought of my blog’s focus as a little too narrow to appeal to the larger library community.

September 7, 2007 10:02 am

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