I’ve wanted to start a link blog for awhile now. Essentially I just see too much pass through my RSS reader to comment on with the amount of time I have dedicated to blogging. But even posting those individual items without comment seemed rather burdensome as well. But there has been a lot of buzz recently about using Google’s Shared items feature in their RSS reader as your link blog.

Dennis Kennedy did it, Denise Howell, Steven Cohen is sharing his now too, so I will go ahead and share my recently started Google Shared items feed.

I’ll try not to overload it, but if you navigate to the very first shared item you will be rewarded with a video of Christopher Walken cooking a chicken with pears. It’s fantastic. But he’s a big movie star, you’d think he could afford some more counter space.

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Neat. I’ve subscribed to yours. :-)

August 17, 2007 1:12 pm

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